Tree Planters (Silviculture & Reforestation)


  All-Stars Silviculture

  Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

All-Stars Silviculture Ltd is seeking motivated treeplanters and brushers for the upcoming field season. 

Treeplanting will begin mid-April and brushing late-May; work will continuing until October. 

Areas of work include Kelowna, Salmon Arm and Kamloops.  Accomodation is a mix of camp and motel, depending on contracts.

Treeplanting is paid per tree, brushing per hectare, and employees are paid every two weeks. 

Applicants must be in excellent physical condition, willing and able to work long hours in the outdoors and away from home, have positive attitudes and get along well with others.  


Salary: Piece Rate
Job Type: Full Time, Seasonal

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