Reforestation Forester (Forester)

Full Time

  Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests

  Kooskia, Idaho, United States

Organization:   Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests

Location:   Kooskia, Idaho

Job Description:

The Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests is outreaching for a permanent, full time Forester (reforestation) GS-0460-09, with a duty station of Kooskia, ID. This position will be supervised the Central Zone Silviculturist (Staff Officer) based in Kooskia, ID. Interested individuals may contact Wes Case, Central Zone Silviculturist, at 208-926-6417 for additional information.

Series/Grade: GS-0460-09 
Title:  Reforestation Forester 
Location:  Kooskia, ID 
Tour of Duty:   Permanent, Full-time

The Position Duties Include:

  • Participates in the preparation of financial and work plans for assigned programs by estimating, combining, and coordinating project plans into an annual unit work plan. Reviews work accomplishments for assigned areas of responsibility and compiles necessary reports.
  • Conducts examinations of timber compartments and stands on the unit and evaluates the conditions found. Makes or recommends basic land management decisions based on these evaluations. Makes silviculture prescriptions and action plans for TSI and reforestation work necessary to attain timber management objectives using aerial photographs and on-the-ground observation and measurements.
  • Makes plantation and natural regeneration survival examinations to determine that results meet accepted standards. Sets up checks and inspections to determine the effectiveness of culture treatments. Makes recommendations to the Silviculturist on techniques, policies, and procedures to increase the effectiveness or improve the quality of treatments.
  • Prepares multiple-use compartment prescriptions and environmental assessment reports based on field examination.
  • May administer or supervise the administration of timber stand improvement contracts.
  • Acts as the SAT (Silviculture Activity Data-base), FACTS, or current program, coordinator for the district/zone. Incumbent maintains/updates the district/zone silvicultural electronic folders, electronic activity database and associated GIS layer(s). Assists the Zone Silviculturist in developing out-year target and budgeting requests for the District Silvicultural program. Prepares District attainment and accomplishment data. Assists the Zone Silviculturist in the preparation of various reforestation/thinning upward reports. Maintains and updates SAI (Sale Area Improvement) plans for active timber sales. Initiates revision or SAI plans due to changes in sale contract value and/or changes in project priorities. Prepares annual KV fund balance report.
  • Serves as Contracting Officer Representative. Develops contract specifications for review by contracting officer, prepares cost estimates, recommends procurement methods, including multi-year and multi-treatment contract. Develops contracts for non-traditional treatments and unique specifications needed for those contracts. Develops contract language, obtains and monitors contract compliance per specifications. Assists contract officer in drafting modifications, when required. Assist contracting officer in claim dispute resolutions in accordance with contract administration handbook.

Skills/Traits we are looking for:

  • Professional knowledge of forestry principles and concepts in order to apply conventional techniques to solve problems involving application of silvicultural practices and prescription of proper treatments.
  • Knowledge of Agency policies, procedures, and requirements concerned with multiple-use and sustained yield of forest resources; and understanding of multiple-use land management theories and strategies.
  • Knowledge of current reforestation techniques and procedures sufficient to adapt them to local conditions.
  • Knowledge of electronic databases, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GlS) sufficient to meet Forest, Regional and National standards for automated reporting of silvicultural activities
  • Knowledge of forest service contracts, and contracting procedures, and provisions, to effectively design and administer such contracts.

Physical Effort Required by the Position:   The work regularly requires some physical exertion such as long periods of standing; walking over rough, uneven, or rocky terrain; recurring bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, or reaching; or recurring moving, lifting and carrying of moderately heavy items.

Working Conditions to be expected:  The work regularly involves moderate risks or discomforts associated with visiting field sites that often require special safety precautions.