Plant Supervisor (Management & Executives)

Full Time

  Millwood, Inc.

  Cudahy, Wisconsin, United States

Directly responsible for overall operation on the plant floor and to ensure production, quality, housekeeping and safety goals are met. Support compliance of all company policies and procedures in a fair and consistent manner. Support and demonstrate the core values of Trust, Integrity, Servitude, and Discipleship. 

Meet required production goals as stated in SOPs. Ensure efficient utilization of employee aptitude, equipment/macinery and materials. Ensure the safety of all team members by ensuring all team members are properly trained, safety equipment is propery used, and safety procedures (SOPs) are followed. Ensure any accidents or injuries with or without property damage are reported promptly and a thorough investigation is completed utilizing the appropriate accident and investigation SOPs. Meet established housekeeping standards on a daily basis. Perform housekeeping audits as indicated in SOP. Ensure accurate inventories. Ensure quality standards are met. Identify issues affecting quality and take correction action, if needed. Perform quality audits as indicated in SOP. 

Review time, attendance and production records of each employee daily. Train, re-train and counsel employees as required. Perform other duties as assigned by the plant manager. 

GED or High School Diploma

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