Business Development Manager - Forest Operations (Management & Executives)

Full Time


  Wildlight (Yulee), Florida, United States

The Business Development Manager will lead and/or support Forest Resources’ initiatives focused on business performance improvement, efficiency, and growth.  The position will contribute to improved financial performance through implementing new technology, developing and reporting international market intelligence, and leading or supporting initiative development.  Keys to success will be through a combination of objective focus, application of technical/professional knowledge, project leadership, and managing work and time in a way that is efficient and enhances Rayonier’s ability to identify, differentiate, and apply value creation strategies to forest operations.

  • Leads business development technology implementation efforts including tactical and operational scheduling in collaboration with other key internal teams.
  • Leads business development projects and specific activities including opportunity gating, value proposition assessments, and determining optimal supply chain positions.
  • Leads development, synthesis, and communication of international market intelligence for Forest Resources, including operating environment and price analysis for relevant products and services.
  • Partners with other internal teams to provide timber marketing and strategic planning support, ad-hoc analytics and other services to assist decision-making with respect to strategies / tactics to optimize Rayonier’s timber marketing efforts

Required Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in Forestry, Business Administration or relative advanced degree
  • Seven (7) years in timberland and/or real estate operations, resource analysis, land management, land valuation due diligence and analysis, or finance.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving skills, commercial judgment and ability to manage multiple projects concurrently through self-initiative and collaboration with wider team and customers. 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Specific knowledge with respect to timberland management, harvest scheduling, timber marketing, complex financial and economic analyses, project and data management, vendor management, written/verbal communication and presentation skills.

Rayonier is committed to maintaining a drug free work environment that promotes diversity and is free of discrimination.