Analyst - Forestry & Agriculture Business (Forestry, Logging & Mill Operations)

Full Time

  The Rohatyn Group Management LP

  Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Experienced Professional
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Job Description:

The Analyst is responsible for providing analytic insight and support across a wide range of TRG investment operations in agriculture and forestry. Specific areas for support will include:

• Forestry operations and investment analysis across a global portfolio

• Property acquisitions and disposition analysis; • Macro and micro level research & analysis related to TRG ’s various investment strategies, with clear communication of findings;

• Researching and producing marketing and investor relations materials;

• Supporting companywide ESG initiatives

• Maintaining various statistical data series for forestry and agriculture industries, and summarizing & reporting key economic data for TRG staff and investors; and

• Information systems improvement projects. Scope is primarily focused on Northern Hemisphere investments in North and Central America, but may include assistance and travel to other international forestry and agriculture investment activities within TRG’s portfolio on a project by project basis.

Key Accountabilities:

1. Assist the Investment Manager and other regional staff in the development of strategic and tactical plans specific to forest and agriculture asset management. Analyze opportunities on a project basis to improve investment profitability & returns.

2. Assist the Investment Manager with the acquisition process for specific investments, including research, mapping, budgeting, investment modeling, and Investment Committee engagement.

3. Engage with property managers and biometricians with regards to forest silviculture, forest inventory, forest information systems, growth and yield, regime analysis and harvest operations.

4. With oversight from the Investment Managers, provide assistance for all Boston-based research and analysis activities. Key responsibilities include: a. Provide research and analysis required for TRG marketing materials, conference proceedings, and other presentations. b. Conduct targeted, one-off, investment research and analysis projects related to current and proposed TRG investment strategies. Summarize and distribute information across TRG and TRG investors as needed. c. Conduct on-going macro level economic research and analysis related to TRG investment strategies. Summarize and distribute completed research information across the wider TRG team and TRG investors as needed.

5. Update and review detailed investment models for agricultural and forestry investments.

6. Assist with annual property valuation process.

7. Update and maintain TRG forestry and agricultural commodity data series, ensuring timely information availability and correct sourcing and attribution, and responsible for maintaining a file structure which enables data sharing across the team.

8. Develop and implement ESG initiatives to enhance business performance.

9. Assist TRG marketing and accounting staff on an as-needed basis in all aspects of fund reporting, investment performance and research requests.

10. Other tasks as directed by the Investment Managers and the Director of NH Investments


BSFR or PhD, Forestry


We are seeking an Analyst to join the TRG Forestry and Agriculture team in our Boston office starting May 2019.